For those who didn't play before, L2Regroup is an Interlude Chronicle with Classic Client. It means game interface is new and that we have a lot of cool features like radar, mail, Seed Auction. Gameplay stays the same as on Interlude though, so there aren't any changes to skills, bosses, drops etc.

Why you should play on l2regroup

  • official platform
  • class balance
  • long term
  • bot protection
  • interlude

Face epic challenges and emerge a hero of Classic

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grand opening
8 July 2023 21:00 GMT+3

Invitation for all Lineage 2 fans! Don't Miss the Grand Opening!

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Classic Interlude

Experience a world reborn with Interlude, a new era of adventure!

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  • 100% Retail

    One of the best games that offer a unique and original gameplay experience that you can't find anywhere else!

    Keeping things in their original state is the best way to maintain control and ensure smooth operation.

  • note!

    The respawn time of normal Raid Bosses 18h + 9h

  • Regroup x2.5

    Take the chance to participate in beta testing. Complete game OBT tasks and get additional bonuses at the start.

    If you are ready to spend your time and help in creating the server, take part in the CBT of the project.

  • extra bonus

    You can obtain the Rune of Experience by farming, participating in events or purchasing it through the donation shop.


  • join discord

    Come check our Discord channel!

     A great place to chat with other members of the community, get support, and even win some rewards.


    To join, simply click here. See you there!